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Art Vs Time-Utsav Shakya

“Lok Chitrakar is one of the country’s foremost Paubha painters, a respected name amongst the thinning nmber of artists working to preserve this ancient art form.” Shakya, Utsav, 2011. “Art Vs Time,” ECS Nepal: the Nepal Way, May, pp. 36

Devoted to painting-Stéphane Huët

Lok Chitrakar, 54, is Nepal’s most famous painter of paubha, the devotional art form that went from Nepal to Tibet to become the thangka. Now, he is taking 32 of his paintings even further to Japan where it will be part of a larger collection on permanent display at a museum. As an autodidact, Chitrakar came from […]

The Maker and Saver of Paubha-Shreesha Nankhwa

“Its Saturday, so everything is a bit quiet,” Lok Chitrakar heaves a sigh relief as he leads me to Simrik Atelier, his studio in Patan Dhoka seemingly serene. The serenity dies down as he sips his coffee from a red mug in a bright airy studio surrounded by framed paintings. His studio was a world […]