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A Lull in the Gallery of Light-Pranab Man Singh

“…Lok Chitrakar see himself playing out a modest role in the revival of the Paubha style.  He says, ‘change is brought about by a ceaseless and spreading ocean of causation.  The individual as a causal link has a role to play but to think that he alone can turn the tide, requires a healthy does […]

Lok Chitrakar-Ujeena Rana

“In Paubha painting, the ‘I’ gets diminished as the artist further engrosses himself in the art.  It is more about the art than the artist.  However with age, the maturity seeps in and thus the difference in the quality of work between senior artists and the beginners…” Rana, Ujeena, 2012. “Lok Chitrakar,” Living, March-April, p. 62-63.

Inscribing Identities-Sampada Malla

“It starts as a whisper in ones heart and then spreads all over like warm sunshine.  The free flow of artistic expressions inside an artist burst out, translating into various motifs blended with beautiful colors and finally breathing eternity onto pure white canvasses.  Many great scholars have miserably failed to draw out the exact process […]

The Perfectionist-A. B. Shrestha

“…The starting point of Paubha painting is the making of the canvas which is referred to as ‘Patbhumibandhan.’  The white canvas is stretched on a wooden frame and rubbed with ‘kamaro’ (white clay) and ‘saras’ (buffalo hide glue).  ‘Kamaro’ provides the colour that covers all the inute pores while ‘saras’ acts as the binding medium.” […]

Every Creature is in the Quest of Pleasure: Translating Paubha-Shekhar Kharel

    “Relentless craftsmanship over several years makes Lok Chitrakar one of the most respected and sought after Paubha artists in Nepal…Paubha existed in Nepal, as an art form since the third century, an integral part of religious sacraments and worship in Viharas.  It grew in popularity around the eighth century at a time when […]